Cigar Cutters All You Need To Be Obsessed About

A cigar is a roll of tobacco which is wrapped in a leaf tobacco or with any substance that contains the tobacco and this is not a cigarette. The cigars vary in size from smaller cigars like cigarillos or little filtered cigars to larger ones like large premium cigars. The cigars are not a safe and good alternative to the cigarettes in which the large size of the cigars will deliver the 10 times higher nicotine, 5 times of the carbon monoxide and more than 2 times of the tar filtered cigarette. The cigar products are available on the market that resemble the cigarettes in shape, size and labelled as the filtered cigars or little cigars.

The cigarillos and the little or small filtered cigars contains the fruit or candy flavors for attracting the adults and the adolescents to have a smoke habit. Where the young adults think that the cigars exhibit less addictive and risks when compared to the risks exhibited by the cigarettes but the truth is that the cigars are the most worse one to have in which they provide more risks when compared to the cigarettes.

About the cigar cutter

A Cigar cutter is a mechanical device that is specifically designed for the purpose of cutting the end cap of the cigar in order to provide the proper smoke although some cigars are to be cut off at the both ends or twirled and the majority of the cigars come with the one straight cut at one end of the cigar. Most quality of the handmade cigars with different shapes will have a cap at one end which is of one or more small pieces of the wrappers pasted onto to the end of the cigar where they are pasted with the help of the tobacco paste or with a mixture of flour and water.

The cap end of the cigar is a rounded up with the tobacco paste and this rounded part is the one which you have to cut off for smoking. The cigar end cap can be cut off by using the cigar cutter or knife but when you cut off this cap without care or jaggedly then the cigar end cap will not allow the heat to pass through evenly so it will not burn properly while you are smoking and this causes the loss of the tobacco present inside the cigar.

Types of the cigar cutter

The cigar cutter is the essential accessory because only when you properly cut the end cap of the cigar it creates the opening hole for ensuring the proper flow of the air and smoke. Some of the enthusiasts use the certain method and even some of them use the simple and convenient method. Below are the most popular and well known methods used for creating the openings at the end of the cigar cap. They are.

· Guillotine – The Guillotines includes the both single and double bladed versions and as well as the scissors are also designed to make a cut across the end of the cigar cap where these are found to be the best cutting options of the guillotines. If you want to clean the cutter easily then double blade cutter will be the better choice. The chance of the cigar wrapper torn is less when it is pushed inside blade chamber. The best technique for the cutting the cigar is to rest the cigar against the blade before clicking the cigar cutter shut.

· V-Cut – A V-Cut cigar cutter makes a notched hole in the end of the cigar cap and the advantage of this cutter is that it can offer the

and loss of the tobacco and it allows more air to pass through the cigar. This cutter will be an excellent choice for cutting the small rings of the cigar gauge. However the V-cutter will not deeply penetrate inside the cigar and makes the cigar to smoke too hot.

· Punch – It is circular razor blade cigar cutter that makes the gentle push on to the head of the cigar that makes the opening and this is the excellent choice for having the mixed filler cigar smoke because it minimizes the chance of the tobacco bits ending up in your mouth. However the punch cutters are not a good choice for small ring gauge cigars or torpedos.

Additional types of the cigar cutter

The following are the two additional cigar cutter types. They are.

Scissors – The cigar scissors are different from the regular household scissors because the cigar scissors are specifically manufactured for the purpose of cutting or snipping the cigars. These scissors are usually made from the surgical quality stainless steel and some models of the cigar cutting scissors are available in the market like Xikar MTX cigar tool which is an optimum choice. A high quality cigar cutter scissors will guarantee you the precision cuts and wift. However you should be very careful while using it because dull blade and the lower quality scissors may cause more harm than a good potentially smashing the ends and makes the damage to the cigar’s construction.

Bite method – When all else cigar cutter fails it seems the ol caveman route of the chomping off the end cap of the cigar is still found to the popular choice. However this can lead to the bits of tobacco in your mouth and make a way for sloppy smoke. If you are really in bind then carefully look for the seam that where the cap is located and by using your finger nail gently pry away the cap. Not all the suave methods are good but fairly effective in the pinch of the cigar cap.

From the different types of the cigar cutter accessories you can choose your suitable cigar cutter and they also available in different sizes and shapes so you can select one according to your budget and need for getting the proper smoke.


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